• ORGANICPLUS+ certifies the use of 100% pure natural organic cotton. ORGANICPLUS+ is our trademark label for products made from the best organic cotton fibers. We apply this ORGANICPLUS+ material to our performance apparel products. Our end products reflect our design and quality high standards without compromising softness. Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and build biologically diverse agriculture.


  • The R3 technology certifies the use of the best recycled cotton. R3 describes an integrated practice towards global protection through the following principles: Respect: the environment the planet we live in. Recycle: using recycled cotton fibers. Repeat: when respecting the environment and recycling are repeated throughout the whole production process, the end result is a high quality sustainable product.


  • GSAHYDRO+ is a high performance fabric that ensures that skin remains moisture free during exercise. The GSAHYDRO⁺ yarn absorbs the sweat that is generated, and releases it away from the skin by facilitating air circulation. The result is athletes are active but remain dry, and therefore are undistracted from being uncomfortable. We apply GSAHYDRO⁺  to our  products, from socks to apparel, and we are always working on innovations to boost athletes’ performance.


  • SUPERCOTTON™ yarn is the result of the combing process in which 80% of most desirable fibers (longer, thinner) are being separated from the less desirable ones (shorter, thicker). A count of thinner fibers are tightly twisted together to make stronger, smoother and finer thread that gives supreme quality and perfect feel. SUPERCOTTON™ yarn is the brand name of the best quality yarn we use to make our SUPERCOTTON™ products in order to provide an extra soft and gentle feel on the skin.


  • GSAHEAT+ is a high performance thermal fabric that provides maximum insulation from cold and provides thermal protection and heat loss. It is ideal for all outdoor activities in cold weather. GSAHEAT+ products are ideal for layering during workouts. GSAHEAT+ fabric provides excellent breathability and keeps the body warm and dry.


  • GSAAERO+ ensures the use of premium quality cotton, combined with moisture free synthetic yarns and fibers in our series. The result is skin friendly products that allow cool air to circulate, helping your skin to stay cool and dry during exercise.
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